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Apply Hemorrhage freqeuntly and he'll go down in less than a minute. It was like fighting a warrior. I prob could've done him lvl. Comment by Meinzelin Soloed as a 38 warlock.. Comment by elliott right were ormriss said. Comment by MournBringer Solo with 46 lvl warlock That was to easy! As he not immune to fear , then fear him, until his corpse will lie around on the beach!

Comment by Rkss Solo'd as a Protection Paladin. Judged Light and used SoL, had to use a mana pot to heal myself. I used the advice that he uses Slam less if you keep him moving and used BoP early to heal myself. My gear is excellent for my level, however I didn't use Shield or Lay on Hands, so if you're wandering around in greens he'd likely still be soloable. For everyone who's having a bit of trouble, remember this; Although he looks hard, he ain't! Just stay out the way of his hit, he does hit hard!

The best thing to do is frost him, or root him on the spot, and just keep thacking him until he goes down! And take a potion, you'll probably need it! Comment by Yagga Duo'd him as a level 41 Rogue with a level 37 druid for healing. Reasonably tough for us. Hope that helps determine his difficulty. Comment by Bezz he is at 37, 58! Also a good plain is 2 have a druid to heal u! Comment by menocrazy Soloed as a 44 druid. Not that hard of a quest. Comment by Eersel Located at coordinates 37, Solo'd him as level 47 arms warrior quickly. A quick superior potion helps. Comment by Melendur He is located just near Booty Bay down at the water at around 37, Soloed him with a level 39 Warlock Comment by chinmi not easy, but soloable as a 44 feral druid, i need to bash him to stuns and heal, but i kill it before i need to heal the 2nd time.

Comment by Plex Solo'd as a 41 Feral Druid. Comment by tarkin12 soloed as 42 affliction lock. Comment by iracunde Solo'd as a 44 ret paladin.

Survivors: The Quest Answers for iPhone - iPad

Judged Light, used SoJ. The frequent stuns helped stop his bit hit or give you room, I didn't even have to move him around. Used a sword and shield, though, along with a pot, bubble, and Blessing of Protection. But still solo'd him. Comment by Bread i took him out as a lvl 42 draenai enh shaman, though i almost died. So its still hard. Comment by Andrack solo'ed as a lvl 40 affliction lock. Comment by Nizmo75 Soloable as 43 rogue without enchants.

But you have to use heavy mageweave bandage when blind him. And protection scroll or potion, just to be sure. Comment by jailbait i soloed him at 45 with lock, he was Comment by travjim Solo'd this as a lvl 41 BM hunter. Very easy. Just keep mend pet up if necessary, freezing trap him and bandage your pet. Comment by Larrythebomb 42 mage soloed very easy didint touch me once frost of course :D. Comment by razzemuz Just soloed this quest as lvl 41 feral druid. Pulled with FF and kept it up all the time. Just bash early and heal yourself, the cooldown will be over before he die. War stomp helped alot too.

Did'nt have to use healing potions, just tank and spank while healing yourself in bearform. Comment by sevda Soloed as a 40 fire mage Comment by Magyna This guys is easy to solo. At least if you are a level 40 hunter. Just keep up your "Mend Pet" and make sure your shots are cast. Comment by fahsky This quest is easily soloable as a shammy.

Here's how I did it, as an Ele-spec - Enhance will be harder with the lower mana pool, Resto should be on par. Start out with casting Water Walking on yourself, then backing up to max Lightning Bolt range while standing on the ocean. Downranking Frost Shock is a good idea, if mana becomes an issue, as LB is much more mana efficient dmg-wise.

Earthbind Totem works as well, but it's not as reliable. Comment by Htipiti I did this quest Solo as a lvl 39 Hunter Use mend pet when needed and if ur pet dies u should have weakent him enough that if u fight with ur Traps you should be fine. Comment by Aquaholic For those that don't know, there is a half buried bottle at the edge of the water around 34, 73 with a note inside that begins a quest at lvl The quest is Message in a Bottle: And as a side note I could not solo this guy at lvl 44 warrior.

Just pop your shield on, Shadow Form, Vamp Embrace etc and kill him. He isn't immune to Fear so Psychic Scream works, he actually resisted my first one and he still went down fairly easily so you really shouldn't have any problems. There is literally like 50 or more of these guys ready to kill, but do beware of horde and two patrolling mobs, and maybe the ones with panthers. The drop rate was good, it took maybe 20 minutes total and that's with getting killed three times by two? Comment by Nocturnica This quest, once handed in, provides xp.

Comment by dt Solo'd as a level 44 Protection Paladin. Coords are right on, come out of tunnel into STV, and head east to the beach then run north about yards. Can't miss him. Prev post s stated he is a level 47 elite but when I took him down he was a level 42 elite. Health wasn't too much of an issue but my mana went real quick. How I did it Righteous Fury, Blessing of Might, Retribution From the time I aggroed until the time he dropped was probably about 25 seconds.

If you are lower level or can't heal you may want to bring a friend or wait a few levels to do this quest. Comment by Ponde To the Shaman comment above, it wasn't very hard as an Enhancement shaman - easier, if anything, as I didn't have to waterwalk and run. Found him at the aforementioned place above as a 42 enhancement shaman, and tried to kill him.

Failed because I underestimated him, and didn't think to heal until it was too late. He does some decent damage, even with full mail protecting you. Tried again later. Used the totems Stength of the Earth, Mana Spring, Flametongue, and Windfury - as well as dual wielding two weapons with the windfury weapon enhancement the only one worth using anyway. Strategy used was an immediate chain lightning and flame shock, followed by regular attacks, and two earth shocks with intermittent healing. From there it's flame shock, earth shock, earth shock, flame shock, earth shock, earth shock, wash, rinse, and repeat with attacks, water shields, and healing intermittent.

Comment by Mazzacr Lv 43 ret pally, not bad at all No cooldowns used, used Hammer of Justice once with Holy Light. Comment by cordy did this at 46 Rouge Eazy! I know way high lvl but my guy didnt break a sweat on this. Dont think lower lvls would as well. Comment by pennywise33 just soloed as lvl 40 shadow priest, used a superior mana pot and was able to down him. Comment by gimpyeti Solo'd as a 44 ret pally easy just do a few judgments, then divine shield to heal, and then continue bashing his head in Comment by loerandloer You can NOT kite him to the guards, he will not let you loot him if they kill him.

Thanks for the wonderful info guys.

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GL with it. Comment by Yugaiba Easily soloed as 43 frost mage. He hits pretty hard with Armor but he can be kited with Chills, slows, immobilize effects etc. So if you can't get out of his melee range and still do damage, you're win He is very hard to solo. I indeed said hard, and not impossible, becuz my lvl 42 priest solod him. Kiting him is indeed the best option for a spellcaster.

If u r a priest, Psychic Scream can really help you! Comment by ThePwnda I soloed him as a 42 resto druid. Easy if u have good heals like me. Comment by sutasafaia Soloed as a level 40 protection Paladin. Comment by klondik3 i solo'd him as a lvl 42 hunter my pet almost died and i barely any mana left.

Comment by assassin I killed Gorlash with a 43 ret. I used the ravager and all of the scarlet gear besides the chest. Not easy but i made out ok. Comment by jinxoda Solo as 45 shadow priest. Psychic Scream to buy a little recovery time, popped one mana pot. Comment by Tysausrei Individually completed as a level 40 protection warrior. Comment by jusaein Easily solo'd as a ret pally, he took to my Hammer Of Justice which helped immensley, used one round of holy light, had him down in minutes maybe. Comment by Alinor Solo'd this as a 41 balance druid.

Just keep him rooted, keep a couple of HoTs up, hit him with your Boomkin skillz, and Bob's your uncle. Comment by fantomfury26 Solo'd him with my 41 'lock. Really easy. Just keep you DoT's going and shadow bolt until he comes toward you then fear drain his life fear and drain life as he comes toward you! Comment by harbin Soloed on my 39 feral druid. I don't think this would be possible without the heirloom gear i had. It was pretty close but was an epic fight :P.

Comment by Megyn Soloed him as a 44 shadow priest. No pots and only inner fire and PW: Fort. Comment by phosphorus Soloed as a frost mage. Basically, if you have any form of CC, just try and stay away from him as much as possible. Comment by provoactive Easily soloed him at lvl 41 as a retri paladin, heirloom arcanite reaper and spaulders of valor, even the haste trinket no need for bubble nor lay on hands, a repentance once with a holy light was the only healing I needed, kept stuns up and down within the minute Sure the items may be a vital part of doing it easy but with atleast some knowlegde of the class your leveling this shouldnt be a hard mob to solo.

Comment by rotamaz i went through the entrance through the mistvale gorillas, just to the side of the entrance to Booty Bay. Solo'd as a 39 frost mage. I just started as normal, I pulled with a mind blast, put up my dots and VE, mind flayed, and then feared. So, I waited until I had enough to fear, feared him, hit levitate get that glpyh, it rocks , and kited him around over the water until he died from dots, using VE to keep him aggroed when I had no mana to reaply dots.

I had to bandage during a fear, but all-in-all it wasn't that hard. Hope this helps. Comment by Dratorn I found this Elite at 36,69 : I took him down as a 42 Druid, but i admit it was the easiest of fights. Comment by galka Soloed as 41 feral druid with average gear. Took him out as a LvL 42 hunter with a tanking pet.

Fairly easy kill. He's got HP. Comment by Crazier solo'ed by 42 frost mage with poor green items Comment by clozelrg just solo this with my shammy lvl 40 elemental x pretty easy if you can heal and do damage. Comment by eulogieh Soloed this as a level 38 Balance specced druid, was fairly easy. All you need to do is, to play it really safe - let your DOTS run on him, and just root him - wrath spam if you feel confident. Done with Wrath glyph and IS glyph, with two Herloom items and rest green besides staff. Received 28 Silver, 80 Copper.

I was level 80 at the time Received item:. Reputation with Booty Bay increased by Reputation with Ratchet increased by Reputation with Gadgetzan increased by Reputation with Everlook increased by Reputation with Bloodsail Buccaneers decreased by Comment by OmegaM Soloed as a level 40 arms warrior just popped retaliation and went to town was pretty easy, though i am decked in BoA gear auction house gear etc.

Video game:Pirates: Captain's Quest - The History Adventure Game Where You're the Captain!

Comment by Amrun Soloed as a level 40 druid with tank gear on. Started off with a pounce-shred combo, then raked and clawed my way up to 5 points before putting the finishing move DoT on him. Dire Bear Form helps. Survival Instincts is almost mandatory.

Pirates: Captain's Quest

Comment by sunwell Solo'd as a 45 Shadow Priest. I stupidly entered the fight without realising I was at half mana I had just buffed myself and I was just able to bring him down. So a lower level priest might be able to bring him down too. Comment by sessan95 I soloed him with my lvl44 hunter, with beast mastery specc. Comment by SynisterX Lol soloed him as a 45 Hunter, didn't even have to heal my pet. Its just about as easy for any class that has minions and stealth or healing abilities.

Comment by Kaosu Soloed as a lvl39 frost mage. Easy task. At least if you're lucky with frostbite proc. Just use Frostbolt for main dps. Frost Nova every time you can. When you run OOM, use mana gem. Comment by cignature Soloed as a lvl 42 Ele Shaman. Comment by Nasorex Soloed as 38 warlock. Comment by Razii soloed as a 42 holy priest. Comment by daz Any one tried it as a 39 Resto Troll Shammy? Comment by globetrotter i didnt think it was that hard, i just solo'd him pretty easy as a lvl 41 assassination spec rogue.

Comment by rmaramone Soloed with my lvl 40 full frost mage. Was not easy, most because I became OOM too fast. First I popped Mana Shield and Ice Barrier, get max range, popped icy veins and frostbolt, frostbolt, frostbolt At this time my mana pool was low, so I popped cold snap to reset my frost cooldowns, throw frost nova again and evocation. With my mana pool full again I just finished, but he breaks my ice barrier with 2 hits dmg absorb.

Comment by takenotes01 Very easily killed as a 45 Shadow priest. Comment by Magetastic Soloed With my lvl 40 Moonkin. Real easy: Entangling Roots followed by Starfire. Rinse and repeat Oh, and obviously keeping Insect Swarm and Moonfire on him. Took about 45 seconds to take him down.

Comment by BlakMajik It was close, but it's doable as a 43 enhance shaman. Keep up lightning shield, use stormstrike then earth shock when it's available, and heal yourself when you have to. He hits pretty hard, critting for over When you get low on mana, use water shield.

I had to use a health potion, so make sure you've got some. I did the fight without totems. Would've been easier with them Comment by photonman62 Soloed him on my lvl 49 hunter. Comment by Xelestial Just waited a bit and did it easily with totems up as a 45 Enhance Shaman. Nothing special, may as well have been an ordinary mob. Had 2 BoA pieces on and some blues. Comment by feliciagj Easily soloed as a lvl 44 combat specced rogue. Stealthed up, stunned, blew evasion, blew Blade Twisting.

Comment by Ad Soloed as a level 40 resto spec druid. Stayed in true form, faerie fired him, quickly cast regrowth and rejuvenation on self before switching to cat form. Used a superior healing potion midway through fight, before refreshing regrowth and rejuvenation. Had to innervate to have enough mana to keep the two HoTs up throughout the fight.


Comment by badassnewbie soloable as 39 frost mage. Popped a health pot because I suck at kiting, and used evocation during one of the frost novas. I forgot to conjure a mana gem, but I managed to kill him.

So yeah, pro mage tip if you guys don't already know this: kite him. Comment by Schmittay Soloed as 44 frost mage, very easy, ice shield up, icy veins, frost bolt, got close, frost nova, ran back a lil and more frostbolts, got close again, popped cold snap, frost nova, 2 more frost bolts and dead, only hit me once but was fully absorbed. Comment by Langemede Solo'd as a 39 Lock. I believe that Rare are nerfing chances to get good chest, it already takes long to get gold and now they are making harder, srsly?

Or am I just being a scrub on the forums and missing some unspoken rule? Yesterday I got about 30 chests, about 12 were captains, found 3 villainous skulls just laying around, 3 message in a bottles on one ship. Basically everywhere I went there was something also just laying there. The rest are Muggle chests so the variation should also be represented there. I have had some that were few and far between but lately they have been randomly placed on islands.

Same here. Haven't even seen them at the forts we've been taking. Nerfing our progression by reducing xp and money given. Notice the same thing. Seafarers and Castaway chest where super dominated. Found 1 Captains chest on the last dig. Really diminishes the enjoyment, and than to get jump by skeletons for a low end reward seems flawed. Maybe related, but I've noticed that in the same time period, all my merchants quests have been pretty lackluster in terms of requested goods versus my previous experience. I completely agree that when you have a long riddle on a huge island, or wave after wave of skeletons, it feels like that should somehow be representative of the value of the prize at the end of the mission.

Only at rank 30 for the Gold hoarders currently but i do indeed notice a trend in only getting Castaway or Seafarers chests from voyages of my current rank. However it seems recently if i am to partake in a lower ranked Pirates voyage the rewards dug up seem to give many Marauders and Captains chests as rewards. I have however noticed that a few islands had nearly a guaranteed Captains chest or higher spawn on them no voyage needed looking at you extensive cave systems of Devils Ridge.

Here's something though. I play with someone who's almost exactly the same level as me. When we play, we get this. If I join up with randos, my quests drop castaways and other assorted uselessness. I wonder if there's some level averaging going on, to prevent people boosting others too hard. It would certainly explain why people think level is so hard it's not, it takes approx 30 captains or equivalent. The Game. Buy Now.

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Not logged in yet? You're missing out! Where have the Captain's Chests gone? This topic has been deleted. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. Reply Quote. Barnacle Remson Insider Founder. Lord of Goats Insider. Yesterday, though, it was all about the castaways and seafarers. Only one cursed chest.

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