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For young adults. Nigeria, , pages. New Productions, , pages. Publishing, , pages. Canadian author. British author. PublishAmerica, , pages. US author. South Africa. Jack Kane. Diamond smuggling operation. Writer from Ghana.

chuma the terror naija tales series book 2 Manual

Chance, New York, Dial Press, , pages. New York, iUniverse, , 54 pages. Network, London, Century, , pages. Kenyan author. English writer. Car Britsh East Africa. Stoughton, , pages. Scottish writer. York, Bantam, , pages. Press, An Okapi Club Adventure , , pages. York, NAL, , pages. Simba Jike. South african writer. Writer from Cameroon. Un evil genius Ivory trade, elephant poaching.

Jade, no 2. London, Minerva, , pages. Genre; mystery and detective fiction. US Author. Jade, no 6. TV Tie-in. Mining of incredibly valuable minerals. Mandrill, , pages. Afram, , years , with crime. Scottish author. HarperCollins, , pages. Doubleday, , pages. Allen, A Star Book , pages. Mayflower, , pages. South African author Afrikaan.

Library, no , , 64 pages. Howard Baker. London, Century Publ. Universe, , pages. Killer on the loose. Treasure hunt. Targum, , pages. Irish writer. Morrow, , pages. John M. Burundi, New York, Manor Books, , pages. BEE, J. Publishers, , pages. New York, iUniverse, , pages. Author born in Zimbabwe. Political thriller.

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  • chuma the terror naija tales book 2 Manual;
  • chuma the terror naija tales series book 2 Manual;

British writer. London, Grayson 7 Grayson, , pages. Encounter, CreateSpace, , pages. Scottish writer living in Zimbabwe. Cold war. Britih writer born in India. Africa, Botswana. West Africa. Diadem Books, , pages. Jane, New York, Macmillan, , English writer. Janus, , pages. Worksop, Award Publications, , pages. Cape of Good Hope. Writer form Gambia. Eselby Jr. Publications, , 50 pages. Nigerian writer based in South Africa.

Ross was one time publicity director for Chief Obafemi Awolowo of Nigeria. Congo, English writer born in Ghana. Right wing activists adventure story. African Country. Beverly, Sacrificed Lives, headline, , pages. Johannesburg, Covos Day, , pages. British writers. Kenya and Somalia.

B, Cape MacAdam. Town, Nasionale boekhandel, , pages. London F. White, , pages. Diamond Autralian author. Keynes, AuthorHouse, , pages. Blood diamonds. Dragons, London, A. Barker, , US author. Set partly in pages. Pseudo of Miles Tripp. Leicester, Thorpe, , pages. First adventure. York, St. Mira Books, , pages. Tullybody UK , Diadem Books, , pages. Cape Town, Zebra Press, , pages. South African Writer. Bles, , pages. London, London, G. Chick Springs Pub. The James Stuart Adventures. Bles, , pages Crime Story. British author, journalist.

Mombasa detective Daniel Jouma. South Africa and Germany unite forces to attack US. Set in Leisure Books, , pages. New York, Viking Press, , pages. Rebellious natives Africa Kenya , in Hodder, , pages. Kidnapping of the president. New York, Jove Books, , pages. Joseph, , pages. Mill Company, , pages. Atlanta, Turner Publishing, , pages.

Publishers S. Three, New York, One of the very few s detective stories Owen, York, Macmillan, , pages. Author born in South Africa. York, Pinnacle Books, , pages. Horn of Africa, New South African author. Sudan, civil war. Zimbabwean writer. A South crime story, spy chiller. Mercenaries try pages. MacLaglen, Kimono, New York, Walker, , [idem] pages. Movie making in the African wild. Novelization] Africana Books, , pages. Pseudo of Henry Pelham Burn.

Genre; murder mystery. Dance, sl. Us author. Twickenham, Athena Press Ltd. Locked-room murder mystery. South African author. London, Hale, , pages. Sudan, UN forces against warring Africans. Writer from Zimbabwe. Pacesetters , , 99 pages. Young adults English writer. London, Hammond, , pages. Lived and was story, adventure. Eden, Leicester, Ulvers-croft, , Canadian author. Pseudo of Christopher pages. London, WW Norton, , pages. Education, Pacesetters , , pages. Headline, , pages. William Morrow, , pages. Carribean author.

Books, , pages. English author. Mozambique after the civil war. Author born in Mexico. London,Scribner, , pages. Heisted New York, St. Pseudo of Norman Lee. Lost [idem] [ed. English writer see also Gordon Ashe. Mystery , , pages. South African writer. Macmillan, , pages. Palfrey South West Africa. Diamond smuggling. A lost city, intelligents Avon Books, , pages. Murder, London, Collins, , pages. Irish author. Revenge Scottish writer and most notorious criminal.

London, Hutchinson, , pages. US authors. Albuquerque NM , Literally Publishing, , pages. Rhodesian writer. Barn Press, , pages. Nigeria, intelligence officers. New York, Pyramid Books, , pages. Pseudo of Norman A. Weidenfeld, , pages. Nazi hunt, Fourth Reich. Graves, London, Robert Hale, , mystery. Writer born in Johannesburg. Pseudo of John Creasey. Blackett, , pages. Allen, , pages. French author.

Dutton, , pages. Writer born in Zimbabwe. Book II , , pages. South Afrian author. House name.

The Ghost of Sani Abacha by Chuma Nwokolo

Hardy Boys, no For young Adults. Wild, London, W. London, Gollancz, , pages. Gollancz, , pages. Town, Simondium, , pages. Great War. Nelson, Pacesetters , , pages. Mercantile printing Works, , pages. African Writer. Johannesburg, Penguin Books, , pages. Rain Forest. Entertainment, London, John Murray, , 91 pages. Swedish writer. Andre Deutsch, , pages. Arms smuggling. Love and corruption in Lagos. Nigeria , Wusen Publishers, , pages. Shawn , pages. Moyra Kelly. Basingstoke, Macmillan Education, French author. Genre, thriller, police Pacesetters , , pages. Has lived in Kenya. Drug smuggling.

Young adults. London, Jenkins, , pages. Canadian writer. Tullybody, Diadem Books, , pages. London, Collins, , pages. British author, alis E. Hale, , pages. Australian author. Genre; mystery and romance. Central Africa. Kevin Mac Donald, Zangaro, in West Africa. English author, who grew up in Africa. Dobson, , pages. Chuma the Terror: Naija Tales Series. Chuma, the thirteen-year-old village terror, has no plans to mend his ways.

But one day, But one day, he gets stuck in leopard country and must decide whether to keep being bad or to be good for once and obey an old man Fish Tail: Teenage Blues Series. Peter is obsessed with what he heard as a little boy about why sardines packed Peter is obsessed with what he heard as a little boy about why sardines packed in tins don't have heads.

Little does he know that there is a bigger problem awaiting him with the fish tail on his table. Friendly Fire.

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  7. She is desperate to change her image and runs for help to King Komedie, her school's comedy king. But Komedie has Gum Girl. Simbi's father has the extraordinary notion that marrying early is best for a girl, but Simbi's father has the extraordinary notion that marrying early is best for a girl, but his daughter thinks differently - until she meets the unswervingly handsome Gbenga.

    Is marriage in the cards or will Simbi - who chews gum like Octopus Hands: Teenage Blues Series. When a ravishing schoolmate takes a romantic interest in a fifteen-year-old church boy, the boy When a ravishing schoolmate takes a romantic interest in a fifteen-year-old church boy, the boy decides that it is time to enjoy his life.

    But will dating the voluptuous Salome really bring enjoyment? Then in his hunt for ironies he comes across the strangest of stories in Ghana — and understanding explodes on him Is this true? His friend Capon Lovinia lives in a high-rise luxury apartment far from the Maroko shantytown of her origins, but she wakes up one morning to discover she is in chains.

    She must escape her chains or be doomed to the fate of her father who was ruined by the shackles o When a ravishing schoolmate takes a romantic interest in a fifteen-year-old church boy, the boy decides that it is time to enjoy his life. But will dating the voluptuous Salome really bring enjoyment? Will it? The streets are aboil with youths on the rampage, divided along ethnic lines. The thunder of death and destruction rumbles.

    Only one man, they say, can bring peace. He is called Snake. Can it be true? Can anything good come out of a snake?

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    Or is it a Things started going wrong for brilliant Shettima when he decided he needed to have a girlfriend. Sybil comes into his life, and along comes trouble - and a strange man A man who spells more trouble than Shettima could ever have imagined Nduka has become very girl-conscious. His friend, Deji, warns him of the dangers of this brand of foolishness, but he is adamant.

    Then a grapefruit comes in She is as strong as an ox and has superior fighting skills. The prince of Manaba is set to marry a ravishing beauty from faraway, but Barbie discovers that the lady is actually a sinister mermaid from a nearby enchanted pool. Can Barbie persuade the prince to shelve his plans? Her attempt takes her to a water They know she is about to launch into a spellbinding story and they are all ears.

    But the lady has something more than a story for them. That's why she is Lady Str Samuel Ajayi Crowther, the first African bishop, is a towering historical figure; what could Ant Boy have to do with him? But Ant Boy is Ant Boy, and he rides around on a strange winged ant, and he has a sword with amazing powers — any wonder that Misan and Etemi find themselves on the savage streets of Lagos hawking pure-water and oranges. They experience the horrors of the hawking madness.

    Or is it not madness? Have the children not gone mad? Surprises await! Treachery is what faces two young lovers who wish to marry — treachery from within! Are the lovers d Steve believes he has played his cards right in the game of life and can now enjoy a prosperous retirement with his wife, Ada. He discovers only too late that he has neglected key elements in the game Two young orphans, Jolomi and Temi, are forced by their wicked aunt to work as traffic jam kids, hawking pure-water and oranges on the savage streets of Lagos.

    All hope seems lost — until two little monkeys, Bintu and Binta, show up! Uyi and Uno are madly in love and wish to be married. Uyi is a princess of the Benin Kingdom and Uno is heir to a rival kingdom. Oracles predict death and destruction should they marry. Uyi has the power to communicate with leopards and she raises an This novella gives a glimpse of some of the difficulties facing the full-time creative writer.

    Wolves snarl on all sides of Jolomi, and there is only one friend in sight — but he turns out to be the most ferocious wolf of all In a dream a handsome blacksmith sees a treasure chest with his name on it.

    Thoughts about books, information, libraries and related matters, with an Accra focus

    He goes in search of the chest and winds up in a bog. Was the dream a lying dream? The Prince of Arak leads the effort to slay the monster wolf plaguing the land. It seems to be a hopeless task, until Barbie, a poor peasant girl, steps in. So when his friend, Emeka, falls under her spell, he goes to the rescue. But might Michael be acting out of envy or from error? Stan, a hired driver with a university degree, argues that bigotry may be found not only in regard to skin colour or place of origin, but also in regard to economic class.

    And it retains its potency to destroy its vessel. How true Oga Sir and Oga Mad But when he meets the stunningly gorgeous Lara, he throws all caution to the wind. Is Lara worth the sacrifice? To be young, gifted, and wealthy enough to own a mansion with a swimming pool and a butler can be fun. But it can also attract plenty of bad eggs. Handsome Wingie has his fair share of it. But when a beautiful stranger walks into his life, reeking of This gets him into trouble at home and at school, and causes him to be labelled a problem child.

    Is Blade actually bad, or should the blame for his behaviour be placed at the doo A series of events sink their teeth into Blackie, and she finds herself in Italy where she must work as a sex slave in the furnace of pain.