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My Aussie talks to me, though her mouth never moves, in Dragnet fashion, serious, just the facts. The dreams generally involve other people who have died and are pleasant dreams. In one of these dreams there is a grassy field in the background and I can see the dog I had in college sitting. She's not looking at us directly, but I can tell she's watching out of the corner of her eye.

She was a much bigger dog than my Aussie, wolf like, solid black, and she definitely felt she was superior to any other creature -- basically 80lbs of badass canine attitude -- except for small children, she had a definite weak spot for little kids and loved them dearly. Well, my Aussie starts telling me how all these people are doing, people who have passed away At this point I woke up laughing. I would exclude any fever or medication induced dreams. Fever dreams are, for me, THE most bizarre. One , being chased by a T. Prolly induced by the movie, Jurassic Park.

This took place in a cabin or barn, near a lake.

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Ever been hunted by a very large carnivore? I don't recommend it. Another dream involved this one particular girl. It took place at Thanksgiving, and we were in the kitchen, getting things ready for the turkey dinner, later on that day. The 'crazy' part wasn't so much what took place in the dream, but what happened when I woke up.

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Damnedest feeling. I felt like i had known her, and she died or something. I'm 50 and when I was around kindergarten age, I had a nightmare while visiting my grandparents. I dreamed that a car full of Devils they looked like the Underwood deviled ham logo but black with yellow eyes turned into our driveway and we're looking for me.

They chased me around the house and I ran in the back yard and managed to hide from them until they gave up and drove away. Not crazy weird but I still remember it. In college I was studying for a Circuits test. I studied so much that when I finally went to bed I dreamt I was electricity traversing all the circuit diagrams I had been studying, calculating voltage and current as I went through each device.

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In college I was studying fora Circuits test. I once was having a terrible dream about a tornado. I was standing outside and could see it heading for my house. But then a voice in my head took over and says something like, "Wait a minute! This is YOUR dream. You can do anything you want!

House saved. While I was taking my 10th grade Honor's Geometry test on the levee of one of our catfish ponds, I witnessed George Washington get eaten by a sea serpent. When I was in my 20's I had a dream that I was back home visiting my mom and we were at the church I grew up going to. I remember seeing all these old faces that I hadn't seen in years. Then, there was this little girl sitting in front of me that Idid not recognize.

She kept turning around and teasing me.

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I finally stood up with an assault rifle and started mowing down everybody. In most of my dreams, the gun never fires, or the bullet just rolls out the end of the barrel, but it fired in this dream. I killed everybody. I woke up sweating and darn near in tears wondering why I'd dream something like that. I dreamed once that I was at a dinner party and Alan Thicke was there.

He insulted my family and we left. Last weekend I wasdreaming that snakes were trying to get me and I ended up kicking the wall and waking myself up to a painful toe. Never had a dream about Samuel. Most of my dreams, the ones I can remember, are funny or crazy. Sometimes talk to dead people -- or animals -- but very seldom have a nightmare. One time I dreamed I was flying on a plane. At the time I was flying a good bit. I did a whole project on ocelots in third grade. I wonder if me being an ocelot has anything to do with that my profile pictures on here have always been cats.

Speaking of my profile pictures, I should update my current one to be more fall-themed before winter starts. I'll be answering the question tomorrow! I dreamed I was a powerpuff boy. Like part of the powerpuff girls team. I've never had a lucid dream though afaik. RedAppleGP wrote: miniboes was a brown cow with a nose piercing. That is an awfully accurate representation of how I look. Although i am in fact an ox. I also do not have a nose piercing; i am afraid of things piercing my skin; the metal thing sticking out of my nose is my disguise mechanism, which makes me appear like a friendly, curly haired boy to humans.

The reasons I am vegan should become more clear to you now. How in the world did you know the members of the audience were forum members? My craziest dream must have been a short while after a vacation to the UK. I was somewhere between 5 and 10 years old. Me and my parents were on a cruise ship. We went down to a large fancy hall for breakfast. Everything was in silver, black and white except a big red curtain in front of the opera podium.

We were expecting an opera to start, but when the curtains opened it only revealed a black-haired, pale man bent over his desk. Everything fell silent. The man looked up and grinned. He stood and walked to the nearest bystander at an uneasingly slow pace. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, his sharp teeth were burrowed in the man's neck.

In no more than a minute nearly everyone was infected and started behaving like zombies. My parents too were infected. I managed to escape my parents, and followed a family I vaguely recognized.

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I asked them if I could come with them, and they replied "No. You are not one of us". The next thing I remember, I am standing on top of a small structure in the middle of a huge meadow. Everything is dark, except for his lantern.

He's wearing a white robe and his face is concealed by the shadow of his hood. He slowly approaches me.