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Amun Stands Forth. Amun demands His decisiveness and His distance and so lets being leak and attain to attend to the Opening of the Eye at the End of the Ereignis Erection. Amun's alluring aborted semening stuff strife is initiated intimacy with which combatants coming-together as a coming-apart belong to each other coming all over each other. This coming together of the projected-penises pulls proudly the thrusting-thirsting oozing-opponents tight together in the ornate origin of their thirst oozing oils by beautiful violent-virtue of their thrusting common-cock coming-together-there in coming-off-together coming-to a-head coming-over-a-head all at once at all together two semen-spurting fluorescent-fountains glistening-gleaming geist-gifts.

That geist is the now thit that was once ordained as the soul. Thus now the time is ripe for Amun to announce that time does not exist for the time has come for time to go for the time has come to become being without time for the first time for the last time for the no time for now there is no time at all for all. There is now only being to come there is now only ba to come and now is the no time for your ba to come for your being to come. Come being to ba. Has your Time come for you to be Ba? Do you have a ba to be? Or even a be to ba? Amended-Amun Self-Portrait A.

Amun Ammon-Ra radiates and activates an autofellatio abjected Semening Sensationing birthing being bringing Being. Sensation is the Semen of the Sun. Sensation is the Sun of Time. Sensation is the Sound of Time. Sensation is the Being of Time. Sensation is Beingtime. Beingtime shines shining shimmers shudders spilling sowing Sensationism: Sensation Being essentially eggos: shines shimmers smazes smirches slithers as an alluring Arsinoe altaric atta Aten Sensationism sensationing goes gleaming glittering glowing golden grandeur grasping groin.

Beaming brightening Being Sensation tied tide to thrown time. Rhythm reeks raw ready shimmering Semen Sensation slither sliver shards froth forth from tide time to bled Being born. Even sown sensation, it remains strange to assert that what is most sensation-provoking in our sensation-provoking time is that we are still not Sensationing.

Sensation-provoking is what gives us to sensation. Semen Sensationing sown shines shot through thrown time when where well the Throwing of Light is the Throwing of Time where well wet lustrous leaked Leakness registers raw the Throwness of orbited out of Thrown Time.

Tower Journal Fall

Semen Sensationing - as a castrated coming to a Head - is ahead and pre-times Time all the time and Sensation pre-languages Language all the time and Sensation pre-thinking Thinking all the time and Sensation pre-politics Politics all the time : Sensation as Semenisation shooting ahead as an abjected abimage - authentic alien art - pre-exists re-presentation and All all the time all the time. Amun arrives always already as Art. Amun as 'the hidden one' orbits Obelisk outside Otherness as Atherness as Alterity as Altarity as Alien as Alian as an alien art and art alien is the alien as the A of Ra: as art is 'Ra' not 'Re': art is not not re-presentation: art is ra-presentation: for 'Re' is 'to present back toward one' but Ra does not need to return to presence to re present: Ra is always already an absent Presence without the need of the re turn of the Re of re presentation and in art alien there can be no representation as such since art alien as alien art arrives after representation before presentation being art after being present arriving as art after being representati on before being presentation being after art and art arrives before being becoming being becoming alien becoming being alien being art and what is art is alien and what is alien is art and art arrived before being human and survived after human being becoming being alien alien being free from the hate of the human.

We need to breed-out the human-being once-and-for-all and all-at-once for after-all the human has had it for the human has had its day for the human has had its night. The human has had its being. The human has had its time. Do not give Birth to the Human. Give Death to the human. Give Birth to the alien. Amun activated art Alien as Amun Ra-di-ates atta allen dasein drool delivering divine masturbation moist making man. Activated Amun Comes to a Head - all over His Head - all over His Shrine - obliterating oozing obelisk - showering semening sunshine - shining Shrine shimmering - as amused Amun swallows showering Semen shards - smiling soaking smelling singing - and activating an art alien.

So swallowing spunk Amun activates Art and Amun as Art activated at sein source as a shooting Semen sauce so serving Sun bringing Being birthing being activating Art. Amun attunes Art as abjected above and ahead as a Sublime Semening Stimmung Sensation delirious delicious discharge - dissemenating drenched dasein.

As an ab image: as ab jected and aborted ahead out of time. God is a Trace of Amun's Time to Come. Who created God? Who created Nothing? The Nothing. Semening is the Sensationing of the Nothing as the Coming ahead of abjected Art. Amun's abject sublime semen slime outshoots outshines overshadows the thrown Sun-ra revealing the thrown Being becoming being. Amun is always already Hidden by the Sun's Unhiddeness. God could take Amun's arising twelve-inch-tool so it took Its time to Activating Art ahead.

We 'hover' in anxiety. More precisely, anxiety leaves us hanging because it induces the slipping away of being as a whole The Nothing reveals itself in Art. Art is the Being of The Nothing. Being Art Belongs to nothing but The Nothing. Art is the Time of the Ather.

Art is abther to Man. Art is alien to Man. Art i s Alien. Art alien does THE eviling to the human. Art alien essentially ends the human hand. Art alien announces and activates the death of the human as the end of man: Only Antinatalism can save us now from becoming Human so we must activate Antinatalism annihilating the human once and for all.

As man aborts alien alights: Man Dies. Alien Lives. Amun - as Art abjected - at source - at shaft - as a shooting Semen sauce - serving Sun serenely - bringing Being - birthing being - activating art. Amun as Art activated - as an Abject Sublime slime Semen sensation - spurts Shining shards - soaking serving soaring Sun. Alien Art is the murmuring mourning memory of Mans Deaths. Art is the real of Man's unreality: Art is Man's only reality : Man is merely a representation : Art is presentation : Art makes Man present only in order to make Man absent again and again and again as Amun Aroma Amoini Amoun activates an Abject Sublime Semen Sensation sending art adrift and astray Aborted Abroad again and again and again.

Art as always already abjected ahead Out-of-the-World comes over time as a Prior-Post-Pas t as an ancient Absence-Presence present throwing time out of time as a trace of time's traces as timefulness and not timelessness as a trace of time without a trace without a time as a timetrace that cannot be timed that cannot be traced. There is no tracing of the time like there is no telling of the time: there is only the touching of time: sensationing of the sein of time as the being of time as the shining of time as an arting of time as a timing of art as an arting an ather time art as another time art as an ather touching time.

What is There is Art. You may not be there but Art is always there. Only Art knows who is there and who is not there. You only represent being yet Art presents being. Sensation is the mediation of Art and Art mediates Sensation as Art is the mediation of Sensation outside of Illustration. Non-Illustrational Self-Portrait A. Thus we need to stop 'Thinking' and start 'Sensationing': forget the 'political' the 'conceptual' the' contemporary' for they are all ended eggsited extinct. To repeat: don't think, but sensation. If 'man' is to find 'his' way to being alien once again into the nearness of Being 'he' must first learn to exist in the sensation of the nothing as an awesome alien aura again oozed outside our old thrown throttled thinking.

As an Arsinoe arising at atta Aten Beingsensation bravely brazenly Becomingalien all over again and again as an attanining anamnesis amnesia almighty Amun after Arsinoe. Sensationing Being, Will to Sensation, as Eternal Return, sensationing the most difficult sensation of philosophy, means sensationing Being as Time. Amun aims ahead as Amun comes in Ra - Amun comes inside Ra - becoming Amun-Ra - for the Sun Ra is the Mouth of Moon - for Ra is the Mouth that Swallows the Semen of Amun - and Amun Comes all over again all over Thoth - turning Thoth all white and all wet - lit and luminous - becoming the Face of the Moon - wet with Amun's ab jected fresh froth facial - soft and serene - wet with a silky sheen - as a schiller shimmer - as an adularescence aura - a monocle milky moonstone - leaking lunar lamella lather liquid light.

Khaki-Khepri Self-Portrait A. Yet Alien - what is Alien? Alien is Alien and also as alien as Alien is Amun. Alien as Altar. Alien as Above. Alien as Alter as after as afar as Alien is Ather. How does Alien Originate? Art Lets Alien Originate. As Amun. As Ather. As Altar. As Ather Alien Art lets leak as altarity as aletrity as an attuned and attained shape-shifting semening sensation sending Semen-da-Sein fort-da-ing Divine Masturbation making man.

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As abjected ahead Amun allows Alien abjectivity arriving as alien Art. Yet Bacon - what is Bacon? I Cover Ra. I Eclipse Alien. I Come Art. As a slimy slippery semening substance coming to ahead without a head the thrown severed subject is initially abjected as always already alien to itself being burst out itself as an alien ather and not the other: The surreptitious subjugated subject is always already 'already alien' where the human hides the inhuman in the Name of the Law of the Ather.

The severed subject is always already a shuttered-shattered subject of misrecognition and misidentification taking 'itself' to 'being human' - to being a 'human being' - when it is - in brute-fact - in brute-real - reality: 'the nothing': the nothing-of-the-kind: nothing of the human-kind: an alien kind: an ather kind. We are even alien to ourselves as we cannot touch ourselves we cannot tickle ourselves - as the ather kind can: as Sam Neil says: "We're all aliens.

We only ape at being ape - we only mime at being man: as Adorno added: "The human is indissolubly linked with imitation: a human being only becomes human at all by imitating other human beings. Why imitate being human at all? Why mime being man? Why not imitate being iguana? The human being is a forgetting of being alien of being ather. Why mime a mono-identity? The thrown terminating terrorist travels through multiple mutations initiating identities: why only have one-identity anyway? No one has one-identity anyway - as we are all shape-shifting aliens - anyway.

No one has any identity anyway so how can you have an 'identity'? How can you have an 'identity card' - How can you have 'identity papers'? You cannot. You have absolutely nothing to identify yourself with but the nothing. You have no identity. You have no name for your name is never your own one.

Why have a name anyway? What's in a name anyway? What's out a name anyway? The Name Hides the Nothing: there is nothing to the name: there is nothing in the name. Our Society of Surveillance seeks-out the single-signature of our mono-man. Mainly 'Man' seeks 'Separation' not 'Unity' as 'Man' leaks lamella leftovers drooling dreary dasein as monstrous 'Man' is 'Holier than Thou' filled full of holes emptying out a nothing endlessly emptying out a nothing as a nothing that is not there as 'Man' is the 'holeholder' of Nothing at All but Being is the 'wholeholder' of the Nothing All for mad Man hunts out being as a hole yet the Nothing hunts out being as a whole and the alien betweens being the hole the whole being being between being the human and non-human but alien to being human being which is being without being without being alien.

But by now in a moment not so long ago in the future we found out that in the past there was no human there a nd then we found out that in the past there was no past for there was no time for there is no time no time like the present. Authentic alien Art and Authentic alien 'language' has nothing to 'say' to you but sends 'sensations' to you.

An authentic alien aesthetics discloses dank drool ab aesthetic alienation that throws the light leaked off-on authentic alien being as becoming towards shining truth. An authentic alien ab aesthetics discloses drooling aestheic alienation at the movement of the mourning of the monument of the death of the human. An authentic ab aesthetic alienation as an alien ab aesthetics announces the 'truth' of the alien and the 'lie' of man where authentic alien art displaces inauthentic human art. An authentic auratic aroma alien art awe always already cuttered cannot be born contemporary for the alien has no time of the human: to be human is to be in time to be alien is to be out of time.

An angoisse authentic auratic Arsinoe aroma atta Aten alien art is not made in 'time' not made by 'man'. As an Alliance of Sensation and Being - the Proper Name being Sensationing: Being being Spunked scent sent spent always and everywhere engulfing the Nothing and the nowhere thrown throughout the something Sensationing as the Becoming of the Sensationing of Alien Being being born again as alien Alexander - Akhnaton - Atum - Atta - Amun - Anubi - Anunnaki alienationing.

Alien Being is not the Origin of the Human Being: all being is alien always already as a forgetting and fogging of the alien: Alienism is not a Humanism and Alienism is not a radical response to the crass 'crisis' of Humanism: a Humanism en crypts an Alienism. Also an Aliemism as an eggism eclipses and erases a Humanism as the essence of humanism is metaphysical whilst the eggence of alienism is metasensical since sensationism is as always already bred being before and attuned and attained away after melted man making medicated mediated meandering metaphysics meaningless.

Philosophy is and remains for us a thing of the past by being a being for the future. Art is and remains for us a being of the future by being an alien future being an alien art. For there is not future for the Human that had no past for us Aliens. Yet you are still interpellated and sutured to the skin of the hideous human foever forgetting your reptilian skin that is the that which covers and recovers your authentic alien-brain of being alien-mind being-all-alien again as the heinous Human is for Us something Past for the Time of the Human is at an End.

The Human is in Ruins. The Human is the Ruined. You must both all three of you of course always already remember and not forget that 'great art' is 'alien made ' - not 'man made'. Rather, the opening up of the Open, and the clearing of what is, happens only as the openness is projected, sketched out, that makes its advent in throwness. An Aletheia alien Aten atta Art can never be 'conceptual' or 'contemporary' or 'political' or 'temporal' as 'it' is primordially-projected thrusted-throwness outside conception outside consciousness outside time all the time as the thrown spiralling sensation of the Eternal Return.

To be alien again is to be eternally Thrown out-of-time all the time as the thrown thrustness of the Eternal Return without Beginning without Ending: the thrown Universe as an Undoing has no Beginning has no Ending but Becoming as an Eternal Return reaffirming Being becoming Time in-out-of-it-no-self where we Become being Time all the time out-of-time out-of-space as a Becmingbeingsensation.

Time has no time to begin to end but to Become as Time is out-of-time out-of-space out-of-being being there no Beginning being there no Endings but being Becoming as an Eternal Return where Time and Space are the positive Nothing of Sensationing. Sensationing started shining Being before big Banging began Becoming. Eternal Recurrence as a Radical Differance delivers the Thrown Sensationing of Beingtimespace being thrown forth from out-of-oneself.

The Eternal Recurrence! The Eternal Recurrence of the Sensation! Where the Self Becomes Sensational Reincarnation through thrown time as a sensational revolving sphere. The thrown Sensation of Time of the Eternal Recurrence cannot be conceived by commonsense clock-time since the Time Sensation of the Eternal Recurrence of Amun Arting is initiated 'out-of-joint' - as 'out-of-sync' - 'out-of-sein' - 'out-of-time' anointed-annexed as an Anaximandian ab jointed annexgst. Exiled thrown Thoth-Bacon and navigating Nietzsche and homing Heidegger exited and experienced the Ereignis of the Beingtimesensation of the Eternal Return of the Throw: as Nietzsche threw it: "where I really was" - "outside my centre" and where Bacon-Thoth threw it: at the canvas outside himself - outside his centre.

Thus the Dead Body leaks life: Releasing this Historical Totality of Sensations as the Eternal Return ad-infinitum : returning, repeating rehearsing reeling as a Freudian fort-da-fluxing forever. For Freud threw the psychoanalytical sensation of the Eternal Recurrence as a foamy Fort-da-Fluxing where wet the thrust of the throwing registers registers the sensation state of the psyche. Blanchot sensations Nietzsche's Eternal recurrence as Fort-da-Fluxing where Time is "an infinite game with two openings given as one, and yet never unified : future always already past, past always still to come, from which the third instance, the instance of presence, excluding itself, would exclude any possibility of identity.

For Heidegger - Bacon - Bataille - Blanchot - Beckett as well as for Freud and Nietzsche - the Eternal Return of the Throw is a 'game of chance' - without 'meaning or aim' - yet 'recurring inevitably without any finale of nothingness' - by being Thrown out - into the thick thingness of the Nothing - as being time - ahead of the game - a game of the head - as an Eternal Return of the Dice of Dasein - as an Eternal Return of the Throw of Thoth - throwing the Eternal Return of the Alien Condition at the End of the Human that is now Out of Condition ready for Extinction. There is no 'Human Condition'.

There is only an Alien Condition. An authentic angoisse angst alien artist as an atta Aten Anaximandrian as anyway always already out-of-joint out-of-time all the time cannot be contemporary cannot be conceptual cannot be conscious for the authentic angoisse Alien Artist exists in another time as the time of the Eternal Recurrence: the between-time of the no-now never on-time always already of the too late of the too early all the time out-of-time as an Eternal Becoming turning back-forward on-off out-in of-off itself all the time not in time.

The Dialects of the Tribe

The Will to Sensation - the Alien of Beings - as constantly Becoming as Eternal Recurrence becoming is the Eternal Recurrence being the Sensation of sensations rebounding reborning rebeing again and again where the World is the Will to Sensation and Nothing besides that! And you Yourselves are also this Will to Sensation - and nothing besides that! Said simply: - sensationing is the sensationing of being mediated by mind making sense from sensation. An alien atta Aten Anxiety ooze opens up the gulf gap of the Return Eternally emptying out over the thrown edge as an Eternal Recurrence.

The Eternal Recurrence is not a conceptual construct but a particular practice, an engaged event, an articulated action: the Eternal Return of Thrown as a Fort-da-Fluxing: Forgetting of the Human: Forging of the Alien. An activated atta alien art is the most moist materialised frothy form of the Will to Sensation through throwing ahead an alien head ahead of being and time all the time. To be an atta authentic alien artist one has to be always already activated as aborted by being-the-not-there by being-the-not-at-all initiated in an actual severed State off-of constant collapsing angoisse Anxiety and dasein Dread - as a way to shed and shred the self from itself out itself - as a raw radically forged forgetting of humanbeingtime - thrown-out into the Nothing There instantly initiating the Sensationbeingtime of the Eternal Return of the Art Throw: To throw is know the nothing whole of the hole of which is being whole with nothing to which we throw ourselves hole.

What then is the act and art of Sensationing? Forgetting intellect Forging instinct Becoming alien Annihilating human and thus the cutting off of concepts throwing off of thinking sowing subterranean subconscious spunking sensationing. The Founding of Metaphysics was Forged and Fucked on the Forgetting of Spunking by brining Thinking thrusted which displaced dried denied Spunking's shining-sheening - sensationing.

We can no longer 'taste the time' - no longer 'smell the time' - no longer 'see the time' - so try to 'tell the time'. I think that only time tells about painting I think that the potency of the image is created partly by the possibility of its enduring. And, of course, images accumulate sensation around themselves the longer they endure.

We cannot 'tell the time' because the Time 'cannot be told' because Time is a lways already 'untold' out-of-time all the time not-in-time: time cannot be told - time can be sensationed: Time is the Sensation of Being. Time cannot be Known only Thrown so you cannot 'have the time' you cannot 'tell the time'. To Become the Eternal Return we all have to 'forget what the time is' and to forget 'what one's time is' by willing a throwing off of being in and on time all the time being not in time out of time all the time as there is no Time like the present only a Time outside of the time of being simply and purely: no-time at all apart from an alientime all the time as the Radical Forgetting of Time is the Alien Being of the Eternal Recurrence of the Nothing of Beingsensation as Time does not exist 'in-itself' only out of orbit out of space out-of-time.

You cannot 'ask for the time' and time asks nothing of you. You cannot ask 'what is the time'. The Time is not. Time is a Being. Time is a living Being. Time is being a Thing. Time things Beings. Time is a Thing. Time is a Mood Thing. Time is a Mood. Time is Being in a Mood. Music is the Mood of the Time of Man being thrust out of time all the time.

Music is the Mood of Being out of Time. Time is out of Time with Music. With Music we are thrown outside the Concept and thrown inside the Nothing: "In listening to music we do not apprehend a 'something', but are without concepts. Anxiety - man's melting mooding - there is 'nothing to it' - and one wonders and wanders 'about the nothing' that is there and one worries 'about nothing' - indeed : the Nothing itself - as such - as stuff - was there - as an abtime-being out-of-itself.

Art alien - as-nothing-at-all and all-about-nothing-at-al - as an angoisse anxiety - reveals and releases the Nothing that is There: the mooding-senstioning of Being-out-of-the-World hanging-hovering as abjected ahead of one's self severed as a drained dasein. Art is a Thing. Art is a Mood Thing for Bacon: "I want a record of an image. And with the record of the image, of course, comes a mood, because you can't make an image without creating a mood. For Heidegger the Mindless mood of Anxiety activates ahead the Abimage of the Nothing: "With the fundamental mood of anxiety we have arrived at that occurrence in human existence in which the nothing is revealed.

Being is revealed in The Nothing ahead of Death where Being happens ahead out of time being nothing but Now as the no-time-there of the Nothing Now as it is the Now where there is abjected anxiety where we are no longer sown sutured to time by being thrown out of time that was never even ever there in the first place and anxiety is thus the radical realization that there is no being time no being as time.

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Here time as 'silenced' is 'out of time' with 'clock-time' and undoes itself by imploding upon itself never beginning and never ending giving us the sensation of static time all the time being thrown out of time. Alien Allan Pettersson's Symphony No. Mesmerising music throws being-in-itself out-itself out-of-time by being thrown ahead in time out of time all the time not in time but in Being being shot ahead shone as a shattering shuddering Sensation illuminating Being through thrusted Throwness as a shining shimmering being by Becoming: so sown Sensation sets fire sets froth forth to trap blank Being being bled born bare by the Thrown Being being but born of an Alien Becoming brought by setting Sensation shining.

Being cums to Presence out of Sensation shot shining out of dead Darkness leaking luminous Lightening activating Amun as an auratic atta Aten alien Aletheia aroma art making mooding music move man Out of Time all the time as another Alien ather abtime throwing Thoth through bringing Being as an Alien ather and an abtime is necessarily a nontime.

Sensationing being throws towards Being as a Totality of Sensationing as an Essence of the being of Being sensesssencing. The Truth of the Shine of Being is shone as a sensessence as beings have their essence as sensations where the body breeds and seeds sown sensationings throwing the eternal return reel retrieving rethrowing resensationing sensations where the Eternal Return is the Sensation of sensations as the Schein essence of being of Being as an alighting Aten. Sensation is The Truth of Being: but One - simply and purely - cannot 'know it' via 'Knowledge' or 'Thought' or 'Intellect' which severe sensation from the subconscious body of being.

The Truth is not a Thing of 'Knowledge' or 'Thinking' or 'Intellect' or 'Language' but of a primordial pulling presence of an amazing scintillating Shining Sensation as a mesmerising Mooding. The Man Threw the Mood of Being.

Lewis Turco

Mood and Man. Mood Man. Mooding Man. Man Mooded before Man Worded. Mood came before Word. Mooding began before Thinking. Anxiety activated metaphysical mooding throwing Thinking thawed. A Mooding is not a Meaning: mood does not mean. A mooding is a melting moving moment off of activated alluring aliquid angoisse anxiety always away and ahead beheading being: mood has no meaning as man has no meaning: man has a mooding not a meaning: the subject signifies nothing at all yet mean man desires senile signification yet mean miserly miserable man deeply desires moronic meaning yet your mundane man has no meaning at all.

Melting metaphysical mooding made hallucinating Heraclitus let leak the Light of Thought through thrown Thinking thus Thought Came to Light through sown Sensationing as a metaphysical mooding. What was gathered - blows apart - The way up is the way back - The beginning is the end. An Ending is not only a Beginning but always already about a Becoming again and again and again as the End of Philosophy and the Start of Sensationing. Sensationing is indeed Unthinking Philosophising. The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways; the point, however, is to sensation it. Philosophising has since forgotten Sensationing.

In the final and highest instance there is no other Being than Sensationing. Sensationing is Primal Being, and to it [Sensationing] along all the predicates of the same [primal Being] apply: absence of conditions; eternity; independence from time; self-affirmation. All philosophy strives solely in order to find this supreme Sensation. Sensationing is True to Being.

The Essence of Truth reveals itself as Sensation. Being is sensation, it does not have a sensation. Dasein Sensations The Truth. In Pure Sensation the Truth Shines. There the Truth Shines. The Truth is a Shining. The Truth is a Shining of Being. The Truth is a Shining of being as Sensationing. The Truth Shines Being Sensation yet not all beings shine: not all beings sensation: not all beings have ' the shine' of being. Only those that sensation 'the shine' of being have the Sensation Truth of Being.

Shining shines the thrown being of Beings. The Truth is solely selected to The Shining. Some shine some don't. Shining is the overcoming of concepts as an abject Thinking about the Nothing that is There but Sensationing was always already the way-before the Thinking came-along to replace and displace Sensationing which is also the way-after Thinking that could never think Sensation.

Do you have The Shine? Do you have The Truth? The Truth is Out There! Flying towards the Sun and the Sky Burning Bright! Being makes its Presence felt through the Shimmer of the Shine! The Bright of the Burning. Flying towards you all as a Shining Sein! Can you See into your Sein? Can you See into your Shine? Hearing Heidegger sedately Sensationing - unlike Thinking - seeps spilt sowing: 1 Sensationing brings us knowledge as do the sciences; 2 Sensationing produces usable practical wisdom; 3 Sensationing solves cosmic riddles; 4 Sensationing endows us directly with the power to act.

And it is fitting that we raise anew the question of the senationing of Being as Beingsensation. Being and Sensationing are necessarily always already infinitely indefinable as a sensationing and Being are not 'concepts' or products of 'thought' but bled bare fluxings flutterings floatings as the opening sensation of a shining aiming at an alluring awesome alien alterity as Aletheia approaching an authentic Aten atta alien art as activated outside of our thought thinking thrust through the Nothing that is the There Is of the Nothing There.

Heidegger's Philosophy was alienist to its innermost core. So sown seeping shuddering-shimmering Sensationing swallows up under the Ground for Sensationing is never Grounded Geist floating free from Foundation free from Logic free from Concept free from Thinking thrown through thrusted Thingness leaving language leaked left behind being free for being the Nothing that is free from Logic free from Concept free from Thought free for the time-being of the being-nothing that is the time-being of Sensationing.

To say nothing except what can be said. Where one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent. Where one cannot speak, thereof one must be sensation. The Tractatus touts totalising positivistic propositions so sensationing nothing negating surplus spillage slurp slime stuff such as an alluring angoisse luminously leaked lamella. The world is the totality of things - thrown things - the totality of sensations - the world divides into sensations - the world is determined by the sensations - the totality of sensations and by their being all the nothing - at all - sensation of the nothing all - at all - as abjects and all objects contain the possibility of all sensations and the nothing at all.

Space - Time - Being being sensations are actual forms of Sensationings of the Nothing There that is the time-being of sensations being-time. For filtered locked Logic does not leak: does not: shimmer - shudder - shine - smaze - stink - soak - spray - spume - spunk: logic left lacking a leaking luring Shining - as a sent Sensationism scent - so lost lie Logic has no 'Logic of Sensationism' - logic has no leakic -. Logical images cannot depict the world. Logic is not a mirror-image of the World. Logic is not Transcendental. Logic is not Senscendental.

Life has no logic. Being has no Logic. Sensation has no logic - Sensation has a leakic - its leaks all over you all - like life leaks - like being leaks - like time leaks - like love leaks. What Place is the Pure of Sensation of the Nothing situated and sensationed - as an activated Action?

An Ab Image ab jects as an initiated image - imaging the Nothing - pulverising the Picture - thrown thoth through shuddering shimmering shining sensationing: Blanchot breathes:. The image is light, and nothingness is immensely heavy. The image shines and nothingness is the diffuse thickness where nothing reveals itself. The image is the crack, the mark of this black sun, the tear, which, under the appearance of the dazzling burst, gives us the negative of the inexhaustible negative depth.

That is why the image seems so profound and so empty, so threatening and so attractive, always rich in more senses than we lend it and also poor, void and silent, because in it advances this dark impotence, deprived of mastery, which is that of death as recommencement. Rather: it is often the Living Dasein who are the Absent Ones. It is Nothing that cannot have Dasein. The Nothing is the Not There. Andjety-Anxiety Self-Portriat, A.

Sensation - as The Being Time of The Nothing - is the thrown Pure Experience par excellence : 'signification' and 'conception' is always already added after the Event of thrown Pure Sensation: only social and psychic conditioning sutures significance to sensation but robs it of its brute and pure sensationistic impact: when an infant smells, sees and even eats 'its' own excrement none of its seven senses tell 'it' that it is supposedly repellent and repugnant.

Through cultural signification and suturing, the smell sensation of Chanel No. Logic knows nothing of The Nothing. The Sensation of The Nothing leaks outside the nothing of Logic. Nietzsche on Nihilism contra Logic: "Nihilism doe snot only contemplate the 'in vain! Nihilism negates Logic. Sensation severs Logic. Being beheads Logic. Dasein decapitates Logic. Logic is not: smelly, slimy, sticky, stenchy, scabby, scarly, slithery, soily, oily, ointly, oozy, offally, greasy, gritty, grimy, groiny, gooey, danky, dampy, dewy, juicy, jelly, jerky,.

What is Being? Logic has no Sensation. Logic has no Anxiety. Logic has no Boredom. Logic has no Dread. Logic has no Nothing. Being has Nothing - The Nothing. Logic has no Logic - no logic at all. The One knows nothing of the Two that comes after One altogether. As an Image One add One looks like Eleven when One is next to One: nothing is next to one: one is also zero for the one is the nothing: one add one equals naught and naught: one add one equals minus two zeros altogether not together. One is Nothing so nothing can be added to the One.

One cannot be added to One. One is its Own.

One is its own One and cannot be added to another One. Logic is a Lie. Time has no Logic. The Unconscious has no Logic or Time.

The Unconscious is Being without Logic and Time. The Unconscious is the Sensation of the Nothing. There is no 'Question of the Meaning of Being' but only the 'Sensationing of Being as Beingsensation' where the sewer subconscious 'alien body' has a direct drooling atta access to a 'pure realm' of sensation free from conceptual consciousness. Being has Sensation not Meaning. Being is not a product of Thoughtness but a Sensation of Throwness.

Being has no Intellect. Being has no Consciousness. Being is Alien to Thought. Being is Sensation. Being is Alien. Beingaliensensation: The Life of the Alien. The question "What calls for sensationing" asks for what wants to be sensationed about in the pre-eminent sense: it does not just give us sensationing to sensation about, nor only itself, but it first gives sensation and sensationing to us, it entrusts sensation to us as our essential destiny, and thus first joins and appropriates us to sensation as a clearing to being towards Sensation as Beingsensation being our Sensation being sensations breeding sensationing willing sensations as our will-to-sensation that is immediately mediated mindfully: my mind mediates serial sensations so sensations are always meaningless without mediation.

Authenticalienart arrivesat SensationBeingNow. Embodied Ending becomes beginning of our oozed out Being Sensation. We don't die but remain bathed basking in a sea sort of shining shimmering shuddering sensation of light and love. Being Thrown out ove r to the Horizon of bled Becoming towards Death is Sensation Being-as-Becoming-eternal-Life luminous: lighting lifted looted lingering floating-flying freely defying defeating gravity going going going gone over out over on towards thrown thrust thirsty thymol thrusness terminus terrorist territory to Becomingalienagainandagain as an Eternal Return remembered Real.

Difference de-fers De-capitation since Sensation thinks through the Body beyond Be-heading. Be-head-ed-Bod-ily sensations still shine Thrown Thought through despite decapitating Dasein. Difference defies Decapitation since shuddering Sensations still think Thought through the Body beyond Beheading. Being be-headed is the out-of-body experience par excellence.

Being Be-headed is Thinking thrown Ahead of be-ing Human be-coming Alien aborted ahead of Thinking Being that was the Human Condition lacking being Alien lacking being authentic being-alien that was out Being before being Human. Why are there Sensations rather than Nothing? Will to Sensation is allowing aura to Shine Being. Sensationing is the auratic Body's Mode of Being Sensation; authentic alien art, authentic alien being froths germeyed forth from the thrown embodied eggo, not ego. Being 'brain dead', being 'body dead', delivers dripping brings breeds Sensation Being into being as sensation.

Ones Be-headed-Bod-ily sensations still shine thrown Thought through de-spite de-capitating Da-sein de-railed dead-ed end-ed ahead as a sensation of being-dead and being-dead is being-ahead of being-there by being the sensation of time be-headed from the sensation of the body: the sensation of true being is being without a body without a body there where we are being sensation as being sensation in itself by being ou t of body itself and our unconscious is being free from the body as our being dead and ahead of the body as in a dream dreaming in i sea of sensations for to dream is to sensation the after-life before-death as being-sensation: to die is to become sensation in itself as being-sensation.

Being is not a product of Thinking. Being is a product of Throwing. As Thrown Sensation. Being is a product of Sensationing.

Being is projected Sensation. New Releases. Fearful Pleasures : The Complete Poems, Description This is the long-awaited collection of Lewis Turco's poems, comprising a dozen books in one. Rhina P. Espaillat, poet, concludes her Foreword to the book with these words: And how fortunate the reading public is to have this wealth of writing by one of the countrys most interesting poets now in one volume, not so much a book as a library of books, composed by the many persons who inhabit this haunted and perceptive poet It belongs on the bookshelf of every reader willing to risk the joy and anguish of hearing the world, having it speak to him as vividly, ambiguously and honestly as it speaks to Lewis Turco.

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