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I was delighted to find a fresh slant on the well-known events of the tragic voyage. What stands out is the excellent use of historical detail such as the Crown Derby china, the electric horse, the Oxford marmalade and the author's ability to blend in real passengers like Mr Bruce Ismay, the chairman of the White Star Line, with her fictional characters in a seamless manner.

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First published in hardback by traditional British publisher Severn House Emilia Cavendish is given a first class ticket on board Titanic and sets out to start a new life with her godmother. Taking her hand, he led her over to the rail and they looked out to sea - and saw an iceberg directly in front of them. It towered over the deck, dwarfing the ship with its size.

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Emilia gasped. She had wanted to see an iceberg, but not at such close quarters, and not in the path of the ship. She heard a barking of orders coming from the bridge a little further down the deck, and slowly the bow of the gigantic vessel began to veer to port. She held her breath.

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The iceberg was coming ever closer, and yet the ship was turning so slowly. Its enormous length worked against it. For one heart stopping moment she feared it was not going to escape a collision. Unconsciously, she drew closer to Carl.

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He put his arm reassuringly around her shoulders. And then they bow turned still more, and she let out a pent-up breath as she realized the ship was going to miss the iceberg. The bow turned, and Titanic slipped majestically past.

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Or so she had thought. But at that moment there came a scraping sound, and a curious shuddering sensation, as though the ship was rolling over a thousand marbles. Then there was a sudden silence as the engines stopped. It was eerie. Titanic was like a ghost ship, adrift on the sea. In the darkness of the night, the silence was deafening.

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Carl shrugged. There came a coughing, spluttering sound, as though the engines were trying to start again, and then silence once more prevailed.