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He is brought to his room at Nellie's and is attended by Dr. Craig arrives with a tray of hot broth for Reverend Alden. Harriet tries to block her way, but Mrs. Craig is undaunted. Even shutting the door to Reverend Alden's room in Harriet's face. As Reverend Alden recuperates under Mrs. Craig's care, Harriet happens to walk in on them as they kiss.

Harriet then goes to Nellie, claiming that she saw them "making love" when in fact, she saw no such thing and plans to send a telegram to the general synod of the church. While Dean Harmon believes none of the allegations that Harriet has made, having known Reverend Alden for 26 years and having been taught by him, he does warn Reverend Alden that unless he can persuade Harriet to drop the charges, the scandal could cost Reverend Alden his congregation.

There is a palpapable awkwardness at Dean Harmon's meeting with Harriet, as the two of them exchange looks of disbelief upon seeing one another. It is soon revealed that Dean Harmon and Harriet were once engaged to be married, but Russell had broken it off 23 years ago. At first, their initial conversation is not about Reverend Alden, but about their previous relationship. Dean Harmon had broken off their engagement, believing that he could not serve God and be married, and that he was, in effect, married to the Church.

Jesse Custer

In fact, since he broke his engagement to Harriet, Dean Harmon never married, much to Harriet's amazement. Dean Harmon then pleads with Harriet not to punish Reverend Alden for Dean Harmon's mistakes and to allow him his opportunity for happiness with the woman he loves. Harriet and Dean Harmon then arrive at the church.

While Reverend Alden is aloof towards Harriet, she tearfully asks for his forgiveness. Reverend Alden is stunned, pronouncing it "a miracle.

Why you may not want to marry a preacher

And the two of them climb into Reverend Alden's buggy under a shower of thrown rice. Sign In Don't have an account? And our church takes care to generously provide for our financial needs, which is such a blessing! Of course, in our 34 years of ministry together, there have been some rough patches.

Thanks for your post. Really encouraged. I am Medical doctor and certain about marrying a man who happens to be a full time Pastor. Sometimes the future gets scary, but I know this is what I really want. But who am I? Interesting post. The Lord will direct. Ill keep you in prayer. I started my daily reading of the Word, saying daily prayers and sometimes I would meditate before we met. God bless each of you and I send my love to you. It is the most challenging decision to make.. Bring souls to the kingdom is an awesome calling for Christians, especially pastors; and I am impressed and in awe of it.

I am entertaining — dating a woman, pastor and the idea of supporting a pastor that leads others to Christ is epic.. Please what can I do about this?? I have been dating and engaged to a pastor, we were even blessed by our parents. I must say he hurt me so much to a point I almost never ever wanted to go to any church to listen to pastors. Most things that go on behind the curtains except when the pastors are preaching is are terrible. Only a wife of a pastor knows what am talking about. Good luck and happy for those that it has worked out with their pastor husbands.

It took me time to heal from the pain he caused me. It was a nightmare. Your email address will not be published. Great post! Thanks Joe! Awesome read! There are rewards through it all if we can see just a glimpse of what He sees! God has called them to care for your souls, and though they may not do so perfectly, God will use them to help you know the way forward. Realize that your husband needs help from his fellow leaders in discerning whether he has disqualified himself from ministry and may need to step down. That may sound scary, but it will serve the long-term good of your marriage and the church, even if there are short-term costs.

Also, see these articles for more help on the question of whether pornography disqualifies a man from the pastorate. His heart has wandered in unfaithfulness, he has betrayed your trust, and his sin is unjust. Because of this, God stands with you in your righteous anger toward him and his sin. Sister, you are not alone in your situation, because God stands with you.

Jesse Custer

This comfort gives you courage to stand, and to help him repent of this sin. It also serves as a caution in regards to ways you may be tempted in this vulnerable time Gal. It is right and good to be angry, but God alone knows how to carry out justice Rom. Facing this trial brings that truth to bear. Pornography is one of those sins.

It feels like a direct attack on the spouse. Throughout all this, you need the gift of the gospel to strengthen you.

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  • When Your Pastor-Husband Looks at Porn : 9Marks.

Cling to the good news that Jesus enters into our suffering. He has compassion on our crushed spirits, and he has suffered to make you his own.

Though you feel rejected, in Christ you are loved and accepted, and he promises to never leave you or forsake you. But amazingly, the Holy One himself drew near to touch sinners and absorb our shame. Granting forgiveness is a road that he first walked, and joining with him in this in a unique way provides joy that will keep you afloat amid the tidal wave of pain from pornography. He needs to remember his transgressions have been nailed to the cross Col — Showing gospel love and speaking gospel truth to your husband after he has sinned against you will be terribly difficult.

Though some of us may share their struggle, many of us cannot fathom why our husbands would draw any pleasure from looking at pornography. The Scriptures remind us, however, that temptation is common to us all, and this is simply the form his sin is taking 1 Cor If you truly desire to help him walk with the Lord and grow in holiness, then compassion will be a necessity.

Pray for God to help you have godly sorrow, not only over how his sin affects you, but how it grieves God. God has designed marriage as a beautiful picture of his glory.

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Husbands are to love their wives as Christ loves the Church, and wives submit to their husband as unto the Lord Ephesians — But marriage is from God and for God, and only he can declare what it is. Knowing and believing this about marriage changes the way we respond when our spouse invites sin into our lives. Your marriage covenant is intended to point you to God and remind you that your response, your words, and your actions toward your husband all matter because they say something about God.